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    Learn about our policies for prescriptions and refills.

    Our physicians will give you a prescription that should last until your next appointment.  Should you need a prescription before your next visit, please call your pharmacy.  The pharmacy will fax our office the necessary information needed to process the request.  Refills of prescriptions can take 48 to 72 hours to process, so please allow plenty of time for you medication(s) to be refilled before running out.

    We cannot provide refills during the hours the office is closed.  Our night and weekend on call physicians are not able to refill your medications.

    If you use a mail-in pharmacy, we must have a completed fax form in order to send the prescription(s) in for you.  We cannot call these medications in to the pharmacy.  If you are unable to provide a fax form, you will be responsible for mailing your prescription(s) in to the pharmacy.  You can call your pharmacy and request a refill, and they will fax the needed information to us to complete.